I’m going to start putting big fucking ugly watermarks on all of my art. Right smack in the middle of every piece. Lets see how many people repost it then.

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#fucking ugh #tbh

shitty webcam quality but have a sketchbook Levi.

sketch done~ I’ll get to colouring soon just gonna have a day or two to rest my hand c:

fleoette asked for a sketch commission of Levi smiling~

I hope you like it!


Got the idea from this post 

Favorite Unpopular Characters Meme


  • a character you were indifferent to until you started defending them
  • a character you love even with their flaws
  • a character you love who gets hate for (even rightly) opposing a fandom favorite
  • a character you love who is unfairly blamed for things going wrong
  • a character you love but is treated poorly in canon
  • a character you love who is often villianized for their relationships
  • a character you’re meant to hate but love instead
  • favorite character even canon seems to have forgotten
  • favorite underappreciated one-shot character
  • favorite underappreciated recurring character
  • favorite underappreciated regular character
  • top favorite underappreciated character

go forth and give love/gifs/graphics

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ref image

When I first saw that picture on tumblr (I lost the original post so I found the picture again on google instead) I immediately thought of Wisteria!Jean and Marco

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Taka-Maple’s OC Satoshi, as part of an art trade~

I hope you like it :)