Swim instructor Makoto <3

full view

Modern SS Zelda, outfit based on this post  by funandfashionable

I spent far too long trying to figure out how I wanted to colour this, but I like how it turned out.

Happy birthday, Amber!

Sorry for the lack of colour but I hope you like it ;A; He was super fun to draw

20: Sleeping

Have them both together, because why not~

(I feel like I haven’t coloured anything in so long, I’ve forgotten how to do it..)

one of the ask memes was of 3 different expressions for Marco, this is as far as I got tonight, I’ll do the rest tomorrow~

just throwing the sketch out there because this is going to take me a while :’) I may livestream some of this later on~

Mikasa in 10?


This was a bit of a challenge, I can’t say I’ve ever drawn a handstand before, but it was fun!

Belated birthday gift art for Alyssa~

okay but instead of coffee shop AUs


  • Modern royalty AUs
  • Accidentally read his/her diary AUs
  • Egyptologists AUs
  • Rockstar and groupie AUs
  • Book club AUs
  • Met at comic con AUs
  • Lifeguard AUs
  • 1920s con artists AUs
  • Running from the police AUs
  • Librarian AUs
  • Rebels against the government AUs
  • Internet friends AUs
  • Time traveling AUs
  • Struggling artists AUs